Warning Signs Your Transmission Is About to Go

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Transmission trouble is expensive trouble. Even if you drive a manual transmission, it can cost as much as $1,500 to replace the clutch. To avoid such a repair bill, it’s best to have your transmission serviced regularly. It’s also wise to pay attention to the warning signs of impending transmission doom. AutoFix reports the following six symptoms indicate your transmission is about to go.

1. Performance Issues

Whether automatic or manual, your transmission should always have a smooth transition between gears. If your vehicle lags from a stopped position, lurches while shifting, or slips in and out of gears, there is something going on with your transmission. Hopefully, it’s just low transmission fluid.

2. Strange Sounds

The gear shifts should be quiet, too, and you shouldn’t hear any weird sounds coming from your transmission when your vehicle is in any gear. Sounds that signify an issue include clunking, grinding and whining. If you hear any strange sound from your engine whatsoever, you should have it inspected.

3. The Same Holds True for Neutral

You shouldn’t hear any strange sounds when your vehicle is in neutral either. If your transmission is in trouble, you will hear what sounds like a bumping noise coming from your engine. As with performance issues, this sound can also indicate it’s time for a transmission fluid flush because the oil is low.

4. Burning Odor

Burning smells coming from your engine could mean any number of things. You might be low on motor oil, you might have catalytic converter trouble, your engine might be overheating, or your transmission oil is low and your gears are too hot. Transmission oil prevents friction and heat between the gears.

5. Fluid Leaks

If you pull out of your garage and see fluid spots on the garage floor, curse first and then go inside to grab a white paper towel. Dab the fluid with the paper towel and check the color. If it’s red or looks as if it’s burnt orange or burnt red, it’s likely transmission fluid. Get the leak checked out right away.

6. Dashboard Warning Light

Yes, this sign is obvious but it warrants a mention anyway. Unless you drive a classic, and it’s super cool if you do, your dashboard has an array of lights that will illuminate at the first sign of trouble. If your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light comes on, your transmission might be in trouble.

AutoFix employs experienced transmission technicians, so bring your vehicle into our Franklin, TN, shop at the first sign of trouble. If you’d like to set up an appointment for transmission maintenance, call us today.