Does Synthetic Motor Oil Live Up To Its Hype?

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Yes, synthetic motor does live up to its hype but conventional motor oil is still good for your vehicle’s engine; it works just fine in places like Franklin, TN. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use synthetic. It’s whatever you prefer, so learning about synthetic motor oil might help you decide. Let’s spend a blog post in motor oil school, if you will, and hear what AutoFix has to say about synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic Oil Formulation

Unlike conventional motor oil which is made from petroleum crude, synthetic motor oil is manufactured by chemists. Synthetic motor oil is made from additives and complex, synthesized chemical compounds to mimic conventional motor oil, only better. This oil stands up to engine heat and extreme temperatures better than conventional motor oil does, because the combination of synthetic compounds and additives are designed to resist sludge buildup and offer superior shear stability.

Synthetic Oil Advantages

This design keeps the oil cleaner longer, which is why you don’t need to change synthetic motor oil as often as you do conventional motor oil. Cleaner engines respond better to your acceleration commands, and they run more efficiently than dirty engines do. This is one advantage of synthetic motor oil, as is its purity. Because synthetic oil is made in a lab environment, it has fewer impurities than conventional motor oil does, which means you’ll see better performance and fuel economy with synthetic oil.

Synthetic motor oil is also designed to remain consistent no matter the heat or cold inside and outside your engine. Synthetic oil molecules are made to bond tighter than their organic conventional counterpart. The tight bonding reduces oxidation within the oil, which is a primary cause of oil degradation. When oil degrades, it thickens or becomes more viscous. This thickness builds up sediment and varnish in your engine. Synthetic retains its ideal viscosity longer to reduce damaging buildup.

This Being Said…

Ultimately, synthetic is an ideal choice for any vehicle; however, thickened conventional motor oil is the primary reason why you should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles. If you’re faithful about doing this, your conventional motor oil does not have the opportunity to oxidize and sludge up your motor, so switching to synthetic isn’t necessary. The argument of synthetic versus conventional oil boils down to each individual driver: Is it cost-effective for you to use synthetic over conventional motor oil?

Franklin, TN, weather isn’t as extreme as other places in the nation, so your vehicle and driving habits better play into a cost evaluation. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends synthetic oil, use it. If you drive hard, stop and go frequently, or otherwise push your vehicle, synthetic would better stand up to your driving habits. Just make sure you use the proper grade for your car.

AutoFix in Franklin, TN, would be happy to discuss which motor oil is better for your vehicle. Call us today at 615-656-4962.

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