Signs My Engine Has Died Completely

If your automobile has special meaning to you, you may never plan to get rid of it. The good news is that engines can be replaced and you can keep driving your beloved automobile as long as you want. AutoFix explains that being unable to start your automobile is one sign that it has died completely, but you will receive other signs working up to this point. Let’s talk about the signs below so you know what they are.


Your vehicle’s tailpipe should not be a smokestack. Rather, you shouldn’t see your engine’s exhaust. If you see excess black, blue, or white exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe, this is a sign that your engine is hemorrhaging fuel, oil, or coolant, respectively. These hemorrhages not only indicate a serious breach in the engine but can also cause additional engine damage.


Knocking sounds are usually attributed to the rods or rod bearings. These are the parts that move the pistons up and down inside the cylinders. If you break a rod, your engine will stop running and you won’t be able to get your automobile started again. You may hear knocking sounds prior to this happening. You may also hear knocking sounds if the rod bearings have worn down and are causing the pistons to clank inside the cylinders.


Your engine has died completely if you have metal shavings in the motor oil. In fact, as the motor oil flows through the engine, it is picking up the metal from disintegrating parts. This is a serious sign that your engine needs to be replaced. In fact, once the metal shavings are introduced into the oil, they will damage the engine further and you won’t be able to drive your automobile anymore at all.


Excess overheating can be a sign that you have a cracked engine block and this is a fatal flaw. When the engine block is cracked, the entire engine must be replaced. You may have also blown the head gasket, and while this part can be replaced, it will take a little bit of engine rebuilding to do so.


Finally, if you just aren’t getting any power out of your automobile’s engine anymore, it has reached the end of its life. Power loss that is constant indicates that the engine has too many miles on it and no matter how much we try to fix it, we won’t be able to restore the power.

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Photo by South_agency from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro