Preventative Maintenance Works to Your Advantage

AutoFix would like to ease your mind. If you believe that preventative maintenance is an evil ploy by the automotive industry to get money out of you, please know that nothing is further from the truth. As with all machines, your vehicle’s parts wear down over time. Preventative maintenance allows auto service technicians to replace those parts before they cause damage. This works to your advantage. Here’s how.

Early Detection Is Just as Crucial to Your Automobile

We know that early detection of illnesses and diseases helps medical professionals design more successful and less invasive treatment plans in many cases. The same holds true for your car, truck, or SUV. Let’s use your vehicle’s brake system as an example. Preventative maintenance visits allow us to measure the depth of your brake pads and replace them once they get too low. This stops them from ruining the rotors. Instead of replacing the brake pads and rotors, early detection allows us to only replace the brake pads. Think of preventative maintenance visits as physicals for your automobile.

This Saves You Precious Moolah

Replacing the brake pads costs much less than replacing the brake pads and rotors, and this is just one way preventative maintenance saves you money. The more miles you put on your automobile the more wear and tear on the parts. You can’t avoid this; it happens with all machine parts. The key is to catch a problem before it grows, which is what preventative maintenance helps automotive service technicians do. For example, when we change your oil every 3,000 miles, we check your belts, filters, fluids, and hoses, too. This prevents expensive repairs such as a rusted radiator or broken timing belt.

Preventative maintenance also saves you money at the gas station and automobile dealership. If your vehicle is kept running as-new you’ll get as-new gas mileage, meaning fewer trips to the gas station to fill up your car, truck, or SUV. Preventative maintenance helps keep your engine and other vehicle systems running efficiently, which not only helps you burn less fuel while you drive but also get more miles out of your automobile. You want to get as much out of your investment as possible, right? Keeping it running as it should keeps the odometer running, too. Your vehicle will last longer.

Located in Franklin, TN, AutoFix offers our customers the best preventative maintenance services in town. Call us today to schedule a visit. We’re taking extra steps right now to keep you safe.

Photo by DragonImages from Canva Pro

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