Preventative Maintenance and Your Car

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Some drivers scoff at the preventative maintenance schedules in the backs of their owner’s manuals and those are likely the drivers you see stranded on the sides of the roads. Preventative maintenance and your car go far beyond oil changes. AutoFix explains how it saves you money on expensive automobile repairs and extends the life of your vehicle.

Oil Changes, Tire Rotations and Radiator Flushes, Oh My!

Machines, no matter what they are, need maintenance. The moving parts wear down over time and the lubricants that prevent the moving parts from overheating and damaging each other lose their viscosity over time. There is nothing invincible about machinery; it gets old and dies eventually. Preventative maintenance staves aging and death in any machinery, including automobiles.

Oil changes keep clean and viscous oil in the engine to lubricate crucial parts. Tire rotations ensure tire tread wears evenly and extends the life of the tires. Radiator flushes ensure the engine has plenty of coolant/antifreeze to prevent the engine from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. All of these things prevent engine, undercarriage or vehicle damage. They prevent expensive repairs.

Preventative Maintenance and Money

When you compare the cost of an oil change to the cost of replacing warped engine parts, you realize that you come out easy on regular oil changes. When you think about how a tire blowout can cause an accident, you realize it’s worth the rotations. What happens if your vehicle overheats in the summer… you get it. Preventative maintenance costs less than what could happen if you don’t stick to the plan.

In addition, preventative maintenance keeps your car running as efficiently as possible and this means less money spent on gasoline. The harder your engine has to work the more fuel it burns. When every system has what it needs to run well, such as oil to lubricate moving parts and radiator fluid to prevent overheating, the engine runs effortlessly and this saves money at the fuel pump.

Finally, preventative maintenance gives you more miles out of your car. Auto technicians inspect for potential problems and replace parts prior to the problem. This avoids additional engine damage and helps your vehicle last longer. Imagine life without car payments. You can have that if you stick to your preventative maintenance schedule to keep your car, truck or SUV’s engine healthy.

AutoFix in Franklin, TN, does preventative maintenance on all vehicle types. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll customize a maintenance schedule for you.