Let AutoFix Replace a Stolen Catalytic Converter

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AutoFix can help if you have had the catalytic converter stolen from underneath your SUV, truck, or car. The first thing you should do, however, is contact the local authorities to report the theft. After you’ve done this, reach out to your auto insurance carrier to see if they will cover the cost to replace the converter. If theft is part of your policy, they should. Finally, give us a call so we can install a new catalytic converter and repair any exhaust system damage. How can you tell, however, that the catalytic converter has been stolen?

Noticeably Loud Engine

The catalytic converter is attached to the exhaust manifold via piping. The manifold pushes the exhaust into the converter so it can treat it. Once the converter is sawed out of the exhaust system, your engine will be noticeably louder than normal when you start the automobile. It will also roar loudly.

Check Engine Warning

As if the noise weren’t enough of a shock when the vehicle starts, your check engine light will also turn on and remain on. The exhaust system has sensors that will detect malfunctions because the catalytic converter isn’t there. Consequently, the engine control unit will turn on the check engine light.

Acceleration That Jerks

You will also notice that your vehicle’s acceleration has become jerky when you press down on the accelerator. In addition to the lurching motion, the engine will roar loudly with each jerk. This is the sound and force of the exhaust being released from the manifold into the open air. The converter usually buffers the noise and the push. Unfortunately, it is no longer there to do so.

Slow-Speed Sputtering

Your engine is also going to struggle to produce power when you are driving slowly. The catalytic converter indirectly aids the engine in producing low-end torque, which is the power production to sustain operation at low speeds. With the converter gone, the engine will sputter when you are driving slowly. These engine performance problems will continue until the converter is replaced.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

The above assumes that you will attempt to drive your automobile after the converter has been stolen. We here at AutoFix recommend that you avoid driving your vehicle. The reason why is that it is very easy for the exhaust to float into the passenger cabin now that the catalytic converter is gone. Consequently, it is easy for you to inhale the exhaust and become ill while driving your vehicle.

Call AutoFix in Franklin, TN, today if your vehicle has become the victim of catalytic converter theft.

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