How to Know If That Pothole Caused Damage

It has happened to all of us. You are driving down the road, minding your own business, and out of nowhere, your car finds a pothole. While running over a pothole doesn’t always cause actual damage, it can cause major damage to your alignment, tires, suspension, and more. AutoFix wants you to be aware of the signs that your car may be in need of repair thanks to that pothole.

Suspension Damage

Suspension damage after running over a pothole or speedbump is not uncommon. This is mainly true with shocks and struts. While the problem may not be evident at first, over time you should watch for these signs of damage:

  • Rocking or swaying when changing lanes or turning
  • Bottoming out when going over otherwise minor bumps
  • Excessive bouncing when going over bumps or driving on rough roads

If you notice any of these suspension issues, call AutoFix and schedule an appointment. Our team will perform a thorough inspection of your suspension system and assess the damage.

Alignment Damage

Your alignment is important to the overall control of your vehicle, but unfortunately, it is subject to being knocked out of place by pesky potholes, speedbumps, and the occasional curb. If there is an alignment issue you may notice these symptoms:

  • Pulling to the right or left when you are driving straight
  • An off-center steering wheel
  • Tires wearing unevenly

If you suspect that your vehicle is out of alignment for any reason, schedule an alignment appointment with AutoFix. We will get your wheels back in line and you back on the road in no time.

Tire Damage

If your tires are inflated properly when you hit the pothole, it greatly reduces the chance of damage to your tires, alignment, and suspension. But if your tires or wheels were damaged, it is fairly easy to spot. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Underinflated tires or low tire pressure
  • Dented or damaged rims
  • Blistering or bulging sidewalls

Depending on the level of injury to your tires and wheels, they may be able to be repaired rather than replaced. In either case, AutoFix is here to help.

Anytime that you are concerned about your vehicle or if it is time for your next service appointment, AutoFix is the mechanic Franklin, TN, drivers turn to for all of their automotive needs. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment.