What Fluids Will You Find in Your Automobile?

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Body-wise and handling-wise, there are several differences between cars, trucks, and utility vehicles. Fluid-wise, there isn’t that much of a difference. Your automobile has the same fluids in it whether you drive a car, crossover, SUV, or truck. Depending on the systems, you might have one or two fewer fluids, but, basically, they’re uniform. AutoFix is going to list the common automotive fluids found in all automobiles below for your information. This helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

Brake System

Your vehicle’s braking system uses fluid in conjunction with the master cylinder, hoses, calipers, and pads to help the rotors create the friction needed to slow down and stop. Using vacuum pressure, brake fluid travels through the brake hoses to the calipers, which presses the pads against the rotors.

Cooling System

The cooling system also uses fluid. Some people call it antifreeze; others call it coolant. This fluid helps your engine maintain the perfect temperature so it doesn’t freeze up or overheat. The cooling system circulates the fluid through the engine to maintain optimal operating temperature.

Engine (Motor Oil)

Motor oil protects the engine. Your vehicle’s engine is made up of many systems, including the combustion chamber, emissions system, and ignition system. If you’ve ever seen an engine running, you’ve seen a ton of moving parts. Motor oil protects those parts so they don’t overheat.

Power Steering System

Most vehicles today either have electric power steering or hydraulic power steering. The latter requires fluid to help you when you steer your automobile. If you have power steering fluid, you’ll see the reservoir in your engine. No reservoir likely means you have an electric power steering system.

Transmission System

Both automatic and manual transmissions need oil just like your motor does to protect the moving parts. This oil is called transmission fluid or transmission oil. It’s important to make sure this fluid is flushed and replaced regularly to make certain you don’t damage your transmission.

Windshield Washing System

Of all the fluids on our list, the windshield cleaner is the only fluid you can let go low without mechanical consequences. You want the washing fluid if you need to quickly clean your windshield while you’re driving, but if the fluid gets low, it won’t damage your engine or any of its systems.

Stop by AutoFix in Franklin, TN, for a quick fluid check. We’ll replenish low fluids or recommend flush and refills if necessary. You can set up an appointment today.

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