Fleet Vehicles Need the Following Services

We here at AutoFix cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain your fleet of vehicles. This not only extends their lives, but it also keeps them and your drivers safe on the road. A fleet vehicle out of service is a vehicle that is not making money. Make sure to follow the factory-scheduled service plan for all of your fleet vehicles. Here are some important services that should not be overlooked.

Battery Test

Testing the battery regularly ensures that it is maintaining a charge. This prevents your fleet drivers from getting stranded with dead batteries. The average lifespan of an automobile battery ranges from three to five years. Plan to have the batteries changed within this time span on each vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Brake inspections are recommended every 12,000 miles or, at a maximum, once a year. Your drivers rely on the brakes to keep them safe when they are on their routes. Make sure that the brake systems on all of your fleet vehicles are in the best shape possible at all times.

Coolant Flush and Refill

Flushing and refilling the coolant helps prevent the engine from overheating. This service is generally recommended every 30,000 miles, but if your fleet vehicles do a ton of stop-and-go driving, you may need to have the coolant flushed more frequently to keep the engine at a low temperature.

Filter Changes

The automotive filters in the fleet vehicles need to be changed per their recommendations. Generally, the air filter needs to be changed every 12,000 miles, the cabin air filter needs to be changed every 30,000 miles, the fuel filter needs to be changed every 30,000 miles, and the oil filter needs to be changed every 3,000 miles.

Oil Change

You don’t need to worry about the latter because we will change it when we change the oil. This being said, fleet vehicle oil changes must be done every 3,000 miles. As the vehicles age, it may be wise to have the oil changed sooner to protect the engine better.

Tire Inspection

Your fleet drivers also rely on the vehicles’ tires for optimal safety and controllability. Bald tires are not only dangerous but they also make controlling the fleet vehicle more difficult. Tire services include air checks at least every two weeks, tire rotations every 6,000 miles, and wheel balances and alignments when needed.

We can help you take care of your fleet vehicles here at AutoFix in Franklin, TN. Call us today to schedule appointments for your fleet.

Photo by Syda Productions via Canva Pro