Fleet Services

Fleet Services in Franklin TN

If you think keeping one car running is tough, just try juggling service on dozens of different vehicles. The operators of fleet services know that challenge all too well, and that is why they need the right partner to keep every vehicle in the fleet running properly. When it comes to fleet service, Franklin business owners prefer AutoFix.

At AutoFix, we specialize in fleet services, and you can trust us to provide top-quality service for every vehicle in your fleet. That means fewer breakdowns, less lost revenue, and more money in your pocket.

Taxis, Rental Cars, Delivery Vehicles, and Everything in Between

At AutoFix, we understand the unique challenges faced by fleet operators, and we are experts at working with those providers. Whether you run a taxi service with dozens of vehicles, a rental car company with hundreds of cars, trucks, and SUVs, or a couple of delivery vans, we can schedule service at your convenience, so you can keep your fleet on the road and keep making money.

We know that time lost is money lost, and we will work with you to minimize the out-of-service time for every vehicle in your fleet. Whether it is coordinating oil changes and routine maintenance or scheduling major work for off-hours, AutoFix can work with you to minimize hassle, reduce downtime and increase profitability for your fleet.

Business Expertise and Automotive Expertise

The certified technicians at AutoFix are experts at automotive repair and maintenance, with decades of combined experience and the real-world expertise needed to diagnose complex problems. But our expertise goes far beyond the automobile – we are also business experts, with a deep knowledge of fleet operations and how they work.

That business expertise is what sets AutoFix apart from its competitors. We know you have choices when servicing the vehicles in your fleet, and we work harder to keep your fleet running at its best. We understand the value of efficiency, and we strive to make every service as fast and efficient as possible.

Preventative Fleet Maintenance Near Me

If you want your fleet service to be profitable and efficient, you need to take good care of every vehicle you own. That means regular oil changes, scheduled tune-ups, and quality service when you need it.

At AutoFix, we can provide preventative maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups for every vehicle in your fleet. Whether your fleet consists of a pair of delivery vans or hundreds of rental cars, AutoFix can provide the quality maintenance they need to stay on the road and keep making money for your company. No matter the nature of your fleet, AutoFix is always here to help. Just give us a call or stop by for all your Franklin fleet vehicle services.


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