You Can Rely on AutoFix if Your Car Needs a New Water Pump

We’re serious. You can rely on AutoFix if your car, truck, or utility vehicle needs a new water pump and for all other service and repair needs. Generally, the water pump installed during your vehicle’s assembly will last for about 10 years or 100,000 miles. If you notice any of the following problems with your vehicle, head straight to our shop so we can inspect the water pump.

Rust on the Water Pump

Take a moment to look at the water pump in the engine. If you see that it is corroded, it has a small leak. This leak causes the coolant to puddle around the pump where it remains. Corrosion builds up due to the moisture caused by the coolant and the pump gets rusty. Eventually, the rust will begin to feed off the pump’s metal and create an even bigger leak.

Coolant on the Garage Floor

Once you have a bigger coolant leak, you will see the coolant on your garage floor. Unfortunately, this type of coolant leak can cause the engine to overheat because it will reduce the levels of coolant in the cooling system. It’s important to have the water pump replaced when it is corroded to avoid this type of coolant leak.

Poor Coolant Circulation

Your engine will also suffer from poor coolant circulation if the water pump is going bad. It might still circulate the coolant through the engine, but not at the normal pressure. This can starve the engine of coolant and increase its temperature above 220 degrees Fahrenheit – the maximum engine temperature. A dead water pump won’t circulate coolant at all.

Growling Noises in the Engine

A dying water pump can also start to make noise in the engine. The noise will come from the front of the engine where the pump is located. Generally, the sound a dying water pump makes is growling or grinding. You might also hear whining or squealing, which can be an indication that the accessory belt is too loose. The pump is attached to this belt.

Overheating All the Time

Finally, and as briefly touched upon above, the engine is going to overheat if the water pump is leaking or refusing to circulate coolant through it. The engine needs a constant flow of coolant to keep the temperature in the normal range.

Call AutoFix in Franklin, TN, today if you are having any of the problems listed above. We will replace your water pump to restore the coolant’s circulation.

Photo by simazoran from getty images via Canva Pro

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