Automotive Fluid Guide By Fluid Color

Knowing the colors of automotive fluids helps you identify any fluid that is leaking out of your automobile. This can also help you determine whether it is safe to continue to drive your automobile. For example, if your engine is leaking coolant, you should not drive your automobile or you will overheat the engine. AutoFix is going to provide an automotive fluid guide by the fluid color below.


Blue fluid is windshield washer and it can leak out of the reservoir or washer lines. You can drive your automobile when it is leaking windshield washer, you just can’t clean the windshield. In some cases, engine coolant may also be blue, so check your reservoir to make sure that your coolant is not blue.


Brown fluid is oil, brake fluid, differential oil, or old transmission fluid. It isn’t safe to drive your automobile when the fluid leaking out of it is brown. This could lead to serious engine damage, especially if your automobile is leaking oil and you have very little in the engine.


Green fluid is engine coolant. Again, it’s not a good idea to drive your automobile when it is leaking antifreeze/coolant. This can cause your automobile to freeze over in the winter and the engine to overheat in the summer. Don’t take chances. Call for a tow truck.


Orange fluid is engine coolant that has rust in it. It’s definitely not safe to drive your automobile if you see orange fluid leaking out of it. This is a sign that your radiator has a hole in the bottom of it due to corrosion and rust inside the radiator.


Pink fluid is transmission oil mixed with engine coolant. Do not drive your automobile if you see pink fluid on your garage floor. There is a serious breach between the cooling system and the transmission, and driving your automobile will damage both severely.


Red fluid is power steering fluid or transmission fluid that is new. Red fluid can also be brake fluid or engine coolant. Depending on how much red fluid is on the garage floor, it’s probably not a good idea to drive your automobile. It may be better to be safe and have your vehicle towed to our shop.


Yellow fluid is antifreeze/coolant. It can also be brake fluid that is new and almost clear. It might also be dirty water dripping from your air conditioner or out of your tailpipe.

No matter what, call AutoFix in Franklin, TN, to schedule an appointment. We will find your fluid leak and fix it.

Photo by Pav_1007 from Getty Images via Canva Pro