AutoFix Explains What a Clogged Oil Filter Can Do

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Be faithful about bringing your car, truck, or UV to AutoFix every 3,000 miles for an oil change to avoid ending up with a clogged oil filter. If you have synthetic motor oil in the engine, you can wait an extra 2,000 miles to have the oil changed. It might not seem possible, but a clogged oil filter can cause serious engine damage. In fact, it’s possible to damage the engine beyond repair if you keep driving the vehicle.

Poor Engine Performance

The engine needs the oil filter to keep the motor oil clean. The engine gets dirty while it is running. The motor oil removes the dirt as it circulates through the engine. This keeps the parts functioning normally and helps reduce the engine’s temperature. If the oil filter is dirty and clogged, it will not clean the motor oil. Consequently, the engine’s performance will suffer because it will get dirty.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Whenever an automobile engine runs inefficiently, it uses up more fuel. Consequently, the clogged oil filter is going to indirectly reduce the gas mileage you get out of each full tank. If you think about it, it is less expensive to have the oil changed regularly than it is to fill the gas tank more often. A clean oil filter and clean motor oil help the engine run efficiently so it uses less fuel.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Another thing that is going to be reduced is the oil pressure in the engine, and this is where the engine damage starts. In order to prevent the moving parts from grinding against each other, you need the right amount of oil circulating through the engine at the proper pressure. If the pressure gets too low, the parts will start to grind against each other and make…

Odd Metallic Noises

If you hear metallic noises coming from the engine and the oil light turns on, pull over and turn off the engine. Call for a tow truck to bring your vehicle to our shop. The combination of the strange noises and the oil light points to low oil pressure and very little oil circulating through the engine. If you continue to drive your automobile, you can cause severe engine damage.

Finally, AutoFix in Franklin, TN, advises that if the engine is dirty and the oil is unable to clean it, your engine will release excess hydrocarbons in the vehicle’s exhaust. If you are located in an area that requires emissions testing, your automobile may fail.

Photo by Kittisak Kaewchalun from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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