Seven Common Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

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Transmission trouble is never a welcome thing. Transmission repair can be expensive and transmission replacement is something no driver should ever face. Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding costly transmission repairs, but nothing is full-proof when it comes to machinery. AutoFix explains that you might still have transmission trouble if your car, SUV or truck does one of the following seven things.

1. Grinds or Shakes

Whether automatic or manual, shifting between gears should be quiet and smooth. If you hear your gears grinding as they shift, or if your vehicle shakes or lurches while in gear, there is something going on with your transmission. Hopefully, it’s something simple such as low transmission oil.

2. Lack of Responsiveness

Another sign you should head to the auto shop is an unresponsive vehicle. Perhaps your vehicle responds at first only to slow down once in gear, or your vehicle will not engage at all; it won’t go into gear or move once it is in gear. It might also fight to go into gear. These things should be checked out.

3. Strange Noises

Your vehicle should not clunk, hum, whine or make any other strange sounds when running. If you notice any of these noises, especially if the car is in neutral, you might have a transmission problem. You know how your car normally sounds and you hear something different, have the noise investigated.

4. Burning Smells

This one is scary because it can mean some dangerous things. A burning smell could indicate your vehicle is overheating or is on fire. If you notice a burning smell when you depress the clutch on a manual transmission, the clutch is going. Automatic transmissions shouldn’t smell either.

5. Slip and Slide

Fun for the kids in the summer but not for your vehicle. One surefire sign your transmission needs servicing is it slips out of gear. This can happen in both automatic and manual transmissions, so don’t think you’re immune to this problem if you drive a stick. Gears should go and stay in place easily.

6. Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is red but it can also be pink or orange. Generally, orange transmission fluid is old and dirty. If you see a leak on your garage floor and it’s any of these colors, schedule an appointment with a mechanic right away. Leaking transmission oil can cause major problems for your tranny system.

7. Check Engine Light

Finally, most onboard computers will signal a warning when there is something wrong with the transmission. If your check engine light comes on while you’re driving, it could mean anything from brake to transmission trouble, so have the illuminated light diagnosed right away to identify the cause.

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