Five Reasons Why Your Transmission Is Leaking

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If you have a leaking transmission, you might notice transmission performance problems because the fluid is low. These problems can include refusing to shift into gear or grinding between gears. The leaking fluid will drip more toward the center of your automobile; the transmission is not in the front. AutoFix lists five reasons why you’ve ended up with leaking transmission.

1. Pan or Plug

The transmission pan is located underneath your car so it gets beat up by road debris. It also ages, just as your other automobiles parts do. If the pan gets a hole in it due to debris or wear, the fluid will leak out of it. The drain plug that keeps the fluid in the pan can also leak if it hasn’t been tightened properly.

2. Broken Seals

An automatic transmission system uses hydraulic pressure in its operation. There are seals to keep the fluid in place under this pressure, but they wear down eventually as any seal would when facing pressure and heat. A broken seal will lead to leaking transmission fluid from the input or output shaft commonly.

3. Cracked Pan Gasket

The transmission’s pan gasket is also exposed to tremendous heat. Eventually, this heat can crack the pan gasket and cause a transmission leak. Other problems that damage the pan gasket include poor manufacturing – cheap gaskets aren’t worth it – and an improperly installed/aligned pan gasket.

4. Leaking Torque Converter

The torque converter pushes the transmission oil throughout the transmission. It’s basically a pump, and if this pump develops a crack, you’ll end up with a transmission leak. The needle bearings inside the torque converter can also get damaged and this, too, will cause a transmission fluid leak under your car.

5. Cracked Fluid Lines

Finally, transmission fluid lines are not rubber; they are made from steel or aluminum. They are located underneath your automobile so, just like the transmission pan, they can get dinged and damaged by road debris. If a large enough rock hits a transmission line, it can even break the line completely.

Problems Caused by Transmission Leaks

Low transmission fluid is the primary problem caused by a transmission leak, but this problem is the only one your transmission needs to seize and fail. Transmission fluid provides crucial lubrication to transmission gears and parts to prevent them from overheating, freezing up, and killing your transmission.

Auto Fix can find your automatic transmission leak and fix it. Set up an appointment at our Franklin, TN, auto repair shop today.

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