Check Engine Light Service in Franklin, TN

Bring Your Questions to Check Engine Light Experts!

Your vehicle’s check engine light comes on without warning. All of a sudden you have an alert on your dashboard telling you that there is something wrong under the hood. There’s no way of knowing exactly what your vehicle’s issue is with a professional technician. Autofix has a team of experienced techs that use the most advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to let you know what’s wrong, and how to fix it. The check engine light rarely comes with any other warning signs like smoke, odors, or abnormal sounds. This early alert is meant to give you enough time to get to Autofix in Franklin, TN. Many owners will delay their check engine light service because they believe that a running car means the problem is not serious. However, the amount of damage that is being done while you continue to drive with a check engine light can be extensive. While a check engine light is not a cause to panic, it is definitely something that you should bring to Autofix in Franklin, TN as soon as possible.

Accurate Diagnoses–State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

There are many possible problems that could be triggering your vehicle’s check engine light. It could be something as insignificant as a loose gas cap, or something as complex as an engine or transmissions repair. The only way to know is to allow a professional to perform a quality diagnostic. Since we use the most advanced tools and equipment, you can rest assured that you’re getting a precise analysis. The check engine light is letting you know that something’s going wrong, but it will take the team at Autofix to understand trouble codes. The moment your dashboard lights up, let us be your first thought. Any questions that you have can all be answered by our team, so make us your next time. We’ll make that annoying check engine light disappear for good.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service!

When your check engine light comes on out of nowhere, you probably have a lot of questions. You probably want to know whether or not you’re in trouble of breaking down. You should have plenty of time to bring your vehicle to Autofix, but you definitely don’t want to ignore the check engine light. Our technicians will give you the correct information about your vehicle, and quickly solve whatever’s causing that pesky light. Give us a call today at 615-656-7886 to schedule your check engine light service appointment.