Effective Brake Service in Murfreesboro, TN

Quality Brake Performance–Your Complete Confidence

Autofix in Murfreesboro, TN performs top quality brake services for all makes and models of vehicles. Pay close attention to your brake system performance so we can get a head start on providing any brake service. The warning signs will vary but they should all be pretty obvious. All you have to do is not ignore them and make sure our ASE Certified techs get a look first. Hearing a high-pitched squeal every time you slow down? That’s a fairly common brake condition. There’s still enough time to get your brakes checked out, and the brake pads replaced if necessary. Your brakes are designed to give you an early alert when it’s time to visit Autofix. When your brake pads become too worn down, they will make this annoying noise. However, this alert can be missed if the windows are rolled up or the stereo is too loud. Drivers should occasionally drive with the window down so they can hear any red flags coming from their brake system’s performance. We can fix your vehicle’s hard brakes, slow brakes, or sticky brakes today! Be safe, stay safe, and stop by Autofix for brake service.

Improve Vehicle Safety, Handling & Driveability

If you delay or postpone your brake service after receiving this early alert, you brakes will eventually start grinding metal-on-metal. This is a qualified emergency! Anytime your vehicle’s components have reached the point of metal colliding with metal, you should cease driving it. It might even be necessary to have your vehicle towed to us. Either way, Autofix should be your vehicle’s next destination. We’re not only concerned with today’s brake service needs, but the foreseeable future as well. Preventive maintenance schedules give us the opportunity to inspect your vehicle’s braking system from top to bottom. This will keep you in front of any brake repair needs and identify any potential dangers. Your vehicle’s warning signs can also be felt by slight vibrations when pressing the brake pedal. We strive to earn your trust and stand behind all repairs with a 3 Year / 36,000 Mile warranty on all parts and labor.

Schedule Your Brake Service Today!

Today’s the day to schedule your brake repair service. We know how to make sure you and your passengers are ready for smooth rides and evasive action. Whether your vehicle needs to stop on a dime, handle tight curves, or give you proper stopping distance at a stop light, our experts can help. Give us a call today at 615-761-9066 to schedule your brake service appointment. We’ll have your brakes diagnosed and serviced in no time. Save some time by using our online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept walk-ins!