Excellent Brake Service in Franklin, TN

Increase Driver Confidence–Improve Stopping Distance

Drive your vehicle with complete confidence! This is the goal of Autofix in Franklin, TN. Your braking system’s ability to handle all road conditions is our top priority. Brake checks and thorough inspection services should be performed on a regular routine. Before any seasonal changes or changes in the weather, your braking system should be prepared. If your vehicle is experiencing hard brakes, slow brake response, or sticky brakes, bring it to Autofix first! We take care of your braking system for the foreseeable future. Our ASE Certified techs have decades of experience performing excellent brake repair service. We always use the industry’s latest technologies to make sure you receive the quality brake service available. Pay attention to all of your brake system’s warning signs, and bring them to us as soon as possible. Specialists are on standby, ready to diagnose service any braking issue.

Preventive Brake Maintenance Service

Your vehicle’s braking system was designed to give you an early alert. The high-pitched squeal that drivers hear when they apply their brakes means the brake pads need attention. This is the perfect time to call or stop by Autofix. You can prevent costly repairs or breakdowns down the road by acting fast. Our team will keep you in front of any repairs as long as you act fast. The early warning signs like a high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes is letting you know your brakes need professional attention. This sound can actually be missed if the windows are rolled up or the radio is too loud. Soon, the brake pads will wear down to the metal. This metal-on-metal grinding is an emergency! Owners should cease driving their vehicle at this point. If necessary, a tow truck should be used to bring your vehicle to our facility.

Call Our Full Service Repair Facility–Quality Brake Service

Autofix is the premier brake service provider in the Franklin area. Peak performance is reached when your brakes are able to slow down, take corners, and stop effectively. Let our team have a look at your brake system early and often as part of our top-notch maintenance services. Give us a call today at 615-656-7886 to schedule your next brake repair service. Our service expertise saves you time and money, because we always give our customers correct diagnoses. We always get your repair service right the first time, and we never perform unnecessary maintenance or repairs. Any time you’re in the area, you should stop by to say hi! We can always use another friend, and you can always use our auto service experts. We’ll stay dedicated to you and your vehicle as long as you need to drive it. Looking forward to serving you both!